I have always wondered what else is there? I have always thought that I could do more and have always wanted to. This is why I decided to start writing. Reading has always been something I enjoyed doing because it helped me escape reality for just a small moment and let me live someone else’s life, even if it wasn’t real. I want to be able to do that for someone else, to give back in a way and let someone be able to escape and relax as they read the pages I write.

What is Dannie working on writing?

Don’t Forget About Me

Kelsey is a girl who lost her mother in high-school and doesn’t fully remember what happened. Than she meets him and she’s more unsure of reality than ever.

Osvaldo from a family where you don’t get what you want you take it. He truly cares about Kelsey but is that enough when the lies become truths in the end?

“I hope you have a good time because when we get back to the house I have whole other plan for the rest of the night.”


“Don’t stop again unless I tell you to do it, got it?”


Don’t Leave Me

Kesley is in the fight of her life for her father against someone who was supposed to be dead long ago.

Os is trying to manage through life the best he can since taking his fathers empire that is until his past comes back to haunt him over and over.

You Can’t Save Me

Theo is a broken man. Just trying to get through his day to day chasing the dark. Until he meets her. She makes him feel things he thinks he doesn’t deserve.

Serenity is a strong willed lawyer who gets what she wants. She feels things with Theo that she never thought were possible. She doesn’t make connections for a reason. She won’t stop until she knows his story.

“If you like those, imagine them wrapped around you when you have me pinned to the wall.”